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Nov 28, 2019
I came across one group from facebook who spent a lot of time understanding the algorithm of pinterest. I wonder how they managed to get the traffic to the blog. It seems like some people know how to get the blog traffic especially from the pinterest. It seems like making some changes in images and also adding some good quotes is helpful. Apart from that I don't know much about traffic and blog.

Have you ever tried to get the traffic to the blog using the Pinterest?
I've visited pinterest a couple of times but I don't know for sure is it a website that people visit often and spend a lot of time on?
Well as for me I haven't tried that yet, but it's possible for you to post some items on Pinterest that people might read and it will direct them to your site
I haven't tried that yet but it seems it's going to be a hakulean task to achieve indeed being that pinterest frowns at such toe stuff like dropping your links
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