Hi there,
We are pleased to offer all members, including staff the ability to convert their hard earned points into cash. Please send a private message to @Dot and your payment will be sent subject to our review.
Current Rate 3,000 = 5.00$
The ability to cash out $Biznotes to Real life currenct will end 12/31/2020 23:59 eastern timezone
Information & Guidelines
We have a minimum Cashout of 5$ and payment will be sent by PayPal. Our review can take up to 48-72 business hours and to request a payment, send a private message to @Dot with the amount and your email address linked to your PP account. All users must be registered for at-least 30 days before requesting to withdraw from their wallet. You will only be paid for the first 3 threads and the first 3 posts every hour. Part of our review is reading a handful of your contributions. We reserve the right to remove any posts or topics. This will result in your account balance being appropriately deducted. If we have deleted any of your content, and you wish to appeal this decision, please send a private message to a moderator at the first instance. This could be for one in five reasons Posts that are deemed to be spam or gibberish.
Content that is deemed to be of low quality.
Inappropriate advertising
We have a strict policy against plagiarism and we regularly check to see if messages have been copied from other sources. We kindly ask that you speak in English and if you don't speak this language, we request that you install a translator in your web-browser.
Can I purchase gold?
Yes, we accept PayPal, Bitcoin, and Skrill.

3,000 gold = $5
6,000 gold = $10
12,000 gold = $20
24,000 gold = $40
48,000 gold = $70

Do you need more? Contact @dot .

How long will it take to receive a payment?
Payments are usually sent within 1 - 5 business days.

Can I transfer points to other members?
yes, by the donate event.

Why was my thread or post deleted?
We delete threads and posts that don’t follow our rules. Usually, it’s because one of the following:

Inappropriate advertising
Content from other websites
Non-English language
Excludes paid posts

Why is my balance lower sometimes when I log in?
If one of your threads or posts is removed, you lose the amount of gold that you earned for that particular thread or post.

How many accounts can I have?
You are only allowed to have one account per household.

Why was my account banned?
You broke one of our rules. We often send a warning first but for more serious activities such as spam, we ban instantly. We also have tools in place that are able to detect and ban malicious users on its own.

Is there a posting limit?
No, you can post how much you want but you will only be paid for the first 3 threads and the first 3 posts every hour.