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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BizNotes?

BizNotes is the currency of Bizdustry that you can earn by posting around the forum. BizNotes has a real world value, at 10 BizNotes per U.S. Penny. You can also claim BizNotes, by participating in exchanges in the Marketplace, or purchase them. You can withdraw them to USD or Crypto also.

Members can earn BizNotes by:

1- Upon registration => 50 $BN
2- Posting new thread => 70 $BN
3- Post a reply => 50 $BN

Members can purchase BizNotes, by going to our Currency Page, selecting the Purchase Tab, and then choosing on the amount they want to purchase. After payment has been processed, you will be automatically credited the amount of BizNotes you purchased.

Current Currency Purchase Exchange Rate

$1.00 USD = 1,000 BizNotes

Our Terms & Conditions, Information & Guidelines:
  • Members must not create fake profiles on Bizdustry in an attempt to defraud us.
  • Posts must not be considered spam, gibberish, or violate our Site-Wide Rules.
  • We reserve the right to adjust your point balance at any given time, for any given reason.
  • Users must refrain from using any type of exploits, bugs, or glitches to their advantage. We ask that you private message @Alexander or @Joshua Farrell if this happens, so the issue can be rectified.
  • We reserve the right to remove the monetary system, at any given time however we will always give our members 14 days notice prior to the removal of the platform
  • Users may earn a maximum of 2 topics and 3 posts per hour unless they buy the VIP Membership.

Withdrawing BizNotes

We are pleased to offer all members, including staff the ability to convert their hard-earned points into cash. Please make a topic in our Request Payment Board, and fill out all the fields and your payment will be sent, subject to our review.

Current Rate
1,000 BizNotes = $1.00 USD

Information & Guidelines
  • We have a minimum Cashout of $10.00 and payment will be sent by PayPal. A $10.00 minimum for Crypto Currencies Cashouts. To request a payment, make a request in the Request Payment Board, with the amount and your email address linked to your PayPal, or your crypto wallet account. If you don't want your paypal or wallet address to be made public, please write the word "Private" into the address field, and send a Private Message to @Alexander, with the payment address, and a link back to your payment request thread.
  • Once your withdraw request thread is made, your request will be put under review, to make sure your posts and topics follow our terms of service. Our review process can take up to 48-72 business hours.
Review Process
Part of our review is reading a handful of your contributions. We reserve the right to remove any posts or topics. This will result in your account balance being appropriately deducted. If we have deleted any of your content, and you wish to appeal this decision, please send a private message to a moderator regarding it.

Deletion of content, could be for one of five reasons:
  1. Posts that are deemed to be spam or gibberish.
  2. Content that is deemed to be of low quality.
  3. Inappropriate advertising
  4. We have a strict policy against plagiarism and we regularly check to see if messages have been copied from other sources.
  5. We kindly ask that you speak in English and if you don't speak this language, we request that you install a translator in your web-browser.

General Questions and Answers

I am verified, why am I not getting credited for my replies or topics?

While you can post as much as you want, we have a limit of 3 replies and 2 topics that you can earn from on an hourly basis. If you are still having issues with no crediting, you are posting in our Bizdustry Office Category, that holds our off topic section. That entire category does not credit, due to it not being our in topic discussion area.
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