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Bizdustry's Forum Cash (BizNotes): Finding Value Part 1 - Value Based on Posting

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Today, I am writing to give you an idea of how to work out BizNotes, to a cash value. In the case of where I personally live and how Bizdustry operates, I shall be using the U.S. Dollar as a reference point for this article; as values elsewhere might be significantly different, based on the individual economies of the nation that you may live in.

BizNotes as just a forum currency and without any monetary backing, really doesn’t have much of a value cash wise on a forum, when you are not supplementing it with a value of actual cash. In the case of Bizdustry, we already have an assigned value to it, but that only relates to those seeking to withdraw their BizNotes through Official Channels.

So, how do you appraise the value of something like Bizdustry's Forum Cash?

In this article, I hope to give you a few ideas on what you can do to give your BizNotes some value, and an idea of what others might see as a value. I will also hopefully be turning this into a series, so that we can...
Tsamis Zante Hotel Reviews - Zakynthos (Greece)
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Tsamis Zante Hotel & Spa Reviews - Zakynthos (Greece)

4/5 Star Hotel
Alongside some of my family members, we booked a holiday at Tsamis Zante Hotel & Spa in Zakynthos for One Week, for £500. For our US readers, £500 is roughly equal to 613$. It's safe to say that everyone had the stresses endorsed because of COVID restrictions, and other mitigating circumstances in adult life. Most need some form of vacation to escape from reality. Although, with this being said, you'll discover in this Tsamis Zante Hotel & Spa Reviews article whether the hotel should be avoided, approached with risk, or exceeds expectations for a four-star hotel.

Hotel Room Reviews for Tsamis Zante Hotel - Part 1 - No Mini-Bar

Tsamis Zante Hotel & Spa Reviews - Zakynthos​

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Cost of Living Crisis: What can YOU do?

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Cost of Living Crisis: What can YOU do?

Due to the war between Ukraine and Russia and the sanctions imposed by the UK and US, inflation has increased to an all-time high, and economies have been struggling globally, even the strongest ones like the US and UK! For example, inflation in England has risen to an all-time high of 7%, according to the Bank of England, meaning the cost of goods costs 7% more than it did a few months ago. On the other hand, wages have not risen at the same speed, and those on minimum wage will be lucky to see a 5% raise each year, which isn’t online with the soaring prices!

Governments should do it on their end, but this isn’t going to be happening anytime soon. As I own Bizdustry, I have every right not to be censored in my writing. The government pays politicians and ministers salaries above the 100,000 range, and most of them have secondary employment too! If the government was to reduce salaries and stop...

Video Plan for Tomorrow

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Welcome back to another video on YouTube, where I will be explaining how you can get started with the Just Eat Courier. The Just Eat Courier allows you to earn money from completing deliveries for a fast-food delivery company, called Just Eat. The app is available to download on the Apple App Store, and Google Play Store.

Main Homepage:

A map of your current location appears here while Available. The delivery zones where you’re registered to complete deliveries are shown on the map. Zones appearing in grey have reached the maximum number of couriers needed. Outlined in white, is your zone and you have to be inside this said zone to receive orders. Keep your status set to 'Available' and Just Eat notify you first if we are seeking more couriers. Zones will highlight green when extra couriers are needed immediately. Tap the zone to accept a Custom Run or Extension and start delivering right away! If you want to be notified when zones need couriers immediately, set your status...
Best HoneyGain Alternatives? - Review
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If you're looking for a way to earn money online and make extra money from your regular income, there's a site called that makes claims visitors can earn profit just by installing their program. It's important to note that this website's earnings will not replace your total time income. With any online money-making website, the first question people ask themselves is that "is this website a scam or legit."

Sign up to today and get 5USD$ for free.

What is is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) platform that will pay you to share your internet connection. It is very comparable to Honeygain, which also provides the same type of service, but there are some variations, as you will discover in this Spider Review.

So, let's dig into today's review and discuss the different methods on how you can make money online with and...

EpicWall Review - Scam or Legit?

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What is EpicWall?
EpicWall is a news portal where participants can earn money. Completing surveys, clips, and offers are among the opportunities open; some are easier than others, but the majority are easy and straightforward. This is a fantastic way of earning points as a side hustle to support your current income. Even so, EpicWalls is not an mega money scheme, and it will not be capable of replacing an entire income offline.

Epic Wall Review (First Impressions of Epic Wall Homepage)
Honestly, the initial impressions of EpicWall are not the best. While I like the main template, there a few aspects of the homepage which require attention of the owner. Firstly, I notice there are three buttons in a listed format at the top of the webpage, near the header. One of the buttons says "test" and hyperlinks to a website called IPQualityScore, as seen in the photo below.

Scrolling down, the next aspect of the website which seems suspicious and scam-like, considering the...
Mudrex Review - Is This CryptoTrading Bot Safe?
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For instance, you had not even noticed; crypto is hot right present. While Bitcoin remains the most popular cryptocurrency, alternative coins such as Ethereum perform well.

To be sure, digital currencies are hugely famous, but it's also precarious. Cryptocurrency volatility is not for the faint-hearted. Cryptocurrency trading bots, which enable users to manage their trading, are becoming increasingly popular. These solutions are intended to assist you in making better judgments and developing customized investment strategies and algorithms. The major problem with automated investment programs is that not all of them are legitimate. Others are more dangerous than others, and some might be a scam altogether. However, there are various factors that you should be aware of before using any crypto trading bot.

All of this being stated, when the current prices rise, crypto offers significant profits. Yes, low values are less attractive, and this is why you must gain a better...

FinanceRoot - Best Budgeting / Finance Planner

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Welcome back to another review, where we will be taking a look at perhaps the best budget planner to help you take control of your finances and expenditure. The website is known as FinanceRoot, and formally known as BudgetRoot from our research. The website is free to use and you do not have to provide them with any bank cards or other info that may be considered sensitive.

You may join FinanceRoot by visiting this URL:

What is FinanceRoot?

FinanceRoot is a website that allows you to track income, expenses, keep track of your income, sorted in various different categories. Budgeting is also another favoured feature used by everyone. Finances are not just reserved for the wealthy. We’re helping everyone save, make money, and enjoy retirement. Join Free Budget...

🔊ANNOUNCEMENT Rejected/Refused Account Registrations Now Currently Require Administration Approval

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Due to an increased volume of low quality users somehow getting past our first 10 post moderation check; we as an Administration have decided for the time being, that all registrations that come from a number of countries, will require approval from the Forum Administration.

Whats the cause? An influx of registrations of people who do not care about the quality of what they post. We are getting numerous people getting past our moderation check, who end up filling up the forum with an increasing influx of what can only be labeled as poor quality posts and spam. The poor quality posts can be described as, the lack of willingness to properly use grammar, lack of proper capitalization, lack of any punctuation, and the general lack of willingness to actually discuss the topic matter at any given point.

The influx of low quality posters, are generally coming from a limited few countries. If you, or the person you referred has their account rejected, it is because of this reason. If...

🔊ANNOUNCEMENT Join our Affiliate Marketing Team!

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We’re Hiring

Bizdustry is looking for talented and passionate developers having 1 year plus experience in affiliate marketing. This is an amazing opportunity for you if willing to work in a vibrant community of people from various backgrounds. Candidates should be willing to learn new emerging technologies. Candidates shouldn't have any warnings within the past 30 days. Experience is wanted but not mandatory.

What's in it for you?

50% Commission
A FREE Green Coloured Username #TeamTrees
A hidden sub-board just for our marketing team
Become a Bizdustry Staff Member!

How do I apply?

You must apply through this link and answer the questions to the best of your ability, with the highest quality. We will keep applications open and pick the members that we feel will best suit our affiliate marketing team on Bizdustry.

First Session: What's the difference between CV and Resume ??

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Hey all :)
I have decided to start a course to learn CV writing to help as many people as possible to get a job as soon as possible. With this useful course, you can write your CV better and better than you used to.

If you want a high-quality Cv for your career, don't forget to read this thread and send me a pm:

The first lesson will be free for you to be sure of the quality provided to you, and if you are interested in continuing the next lessons, you will have to pay only 400 Biznotes, which is in appreciation of the efforts I make for you.

So the first lesson will be about the difference between Cv and Resume. I have noticed that most people don't differentiate between these two words in my professional or even personal life. Today, you will know about the difference between them and which is better to apply for jobs.

Two years...
🔊ANNOUNCEMENT Augusts Competition Winner(s) - 50USD$ Total
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Hi all 👋

Alex here, from Bizdustry.

I would like to personally thank each member for taking the time to participate in our August Competition, where you can find the finalized voting results here. Even if you didn't win this time around, please stay tuned, and we will be implementing another competition soon.

Please help me congratulate @Sincerem for winning 40USD$, with 25USD$ being donated to Samaritans( )? With 25USD$ being donated to Samaritans, this leaves 15USD$ for Sincerem. USD$ has been directly credited to your USD$ wallet on Bizdustry. After careful consideration, we have decided to pick our favorite who will receive 10USD$ for their efforts in the August Competition. Please help me congratulate @BrolySSJ, who will be given 10USD$. Thank you to everyone who participated, and please help me congratulate @BrolySSJ and @Sincerem for winning.

Payment Proof...

GrabPoints Review & Tutorial 2021: Legit or Scam?

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GrabPoints Review – SCAM OR LEGIT?
I'll be providing a review of GrabPoints in today's article.There are many methods for making money on the internet, and one of the most common ways to generate additional cash is through reward programmes. GrabPoints is a service worth checking out if you've ever desired to gain free gift cards or thought, "How can I receive free PayPal cash?“Is it, however, genuine? Is it true that GrabPoints pay you? Or is this a site that’s out there to defraud you whilst burning your energy? In this review, I'll go over all you need to understand about this GPT site, including if you should participate or not. Plus, if you participate, I'll show you a simple but efficient approach to boost your income any more than what you believe you're capable of.

What is GrabPoints?

GrabPoints is an incentives platform where you can earn currency or gift vouchers for doing...

Bitcoin Price Crash: Why Investors Are Worried About the Future of Cryptocurrency

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On Tuesday, the price of Bitcoin fell below $30,000 for the first time since January. It fell to $29,031 on June 22. This is despite the fact that the cryptocurrency reached a high of over $60,000 in April this year. This has spurred a reaction from experts and skeptics who are now concerned about the future of the entire cryptocurrency industry.

This trend has been typical of Bitcoin, but this last move has really brought people back to the drawing board to investigate further where the future is going. Since this drop has come when the effects of the pandemic are slowly easing off. This makes the investors worried. Many people were expecting better days now that the harsh realities of the pandemic and its effect on the economy were slowly going down.

The Butterfly Effect and the future of Cryptocurrency

Investment experts and financial advisors have advised people not to invest large sums in cryptocurrency in the coming days because of the impending further drop in the...

Forum Promotion Review & Tutorial for Newbies

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  • 20 Review for Webmasters - Is it Truly the Best Webmaster, Admin & Internet Marketing Forum? TRUTH EXPOSED! Is Forum Promotion a Scam or Legit? Read to find out the information and the facts presented to us.
Forum Promotion Review by Alexander (

What is Forum Promotion? Forum Promotion - Best Webmaster, Admin & Internet Marketing Forum?

It's important to understand what Forum Promotion offers in the first instance. Most of the Bizdustry members will probably remember @Joshua Farrell and @Alexander promoting Forum Promotion, from encouraging people to post for incentives, asking people to support us in the Website Battles, and even referring new users to help support a fellow forum. Over the years, it's had many various owners, including @Fergal and @MasterA, to name a few. The community is there to help website owners improve their online presence and the opportunity for members to discuss...

Is Paid To Read Email a Scam or Legit | Legit or Scam?

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What is

Born in 2005 up until present moment it still pays, I want to mention this is a great reward community platform to get some extra money in your pocket. There are several ways to earn with, of course as the name mentions it you will get paid to read mails, for up to $0.05 USD per e-mail, you have also daily surveys available and ranged between $0.5 – $1 USD per survey. Let s not forget about the paid trial offers in the Offers area, You also get cashback buying at the shop they offer in the Shopping area.

There is no mobile application but that will not stop you using it on your mobile device since as most of the new website are optimized so that the users can use them on mobile. This application is available worldwide and you get paid straight into your Paypal account, so go at the bottom of the guide and click on the registration link... Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

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History of Bittrex

Bittrex is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges still working online as it was opened in 2013 and continue offering their service even today. Bittrex company was opened in Seattle, state Washington by Bill Shihara, ,Rami Kawach and Richie Lai, all of them working in the past on important positions for companies like Amazon or Microsoft.

Bittrex was created initially for the US traders, but it has recently opened a new platform available international for almost any country. This platform is called Bittrex Global and it can be used by all countries outside of USA.

Bittrex currently offers the following list of services :

  • Fiat deposits/withdrawals and trading
  • Good-Til-Cancelled (GTC) orders
  • Trading using leveraged tokens
  • OTC trading
  • Stop limit orders
  • Debit and credit card transactions
  • Immediate-Or-Cancel orders

Profitable Side Hustles To Make Extra Money

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As everyone else I guess you want to earn some extra money without quiting your main job, maybe even doing something you love, something you enjoy spending time to do, what additional source of income can you bring to your life so you can have several incomes. It might be time to diversify, not only you already did with this forum, but again on another way so you become more financially independent, you need several sustainable sources to ease your life and live smart.

Let s find together what is worth trying to increase your monthly income, side job as part time job is great for some extra cash. Let me first let you know about the opportunity we have here on bizdustry, that maybe you don t know about.

1) Doing original Guides/Reviews for extra biznotes, below you can see that @Alexander gave us a great chance to bring quality content and earn in the same time, which is the... REVIEW: LEGIT or SCAM ?

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What is is a new social media platform that is self-governed, it is a place where users vote on videos to get rewards. This decentralized platform for videos it is similar to youtube, you have the same options to watch videos and react to them. The biggest difference is in its idea most than the technology, being a blockchain-based project, which is free of advertisement and decentralized shows you that it has more advantages in front of the competition that is youtube.

What is also great about this is that there is no way for censoring videos, which I think promotes freedom of speech and the point of view of their members, the community uplifts videos and that is amazing, because of the STEEM blockchain and of course the decentralized nature of IPFS. Liking and sharing each others work does great for a collective of any kind. Joining this platform it means...

Is Ipsos i-Say a Scam or Legit? (2021)

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What is

First of all I want to mention that the name of the website changes for each and every country, you can check that here so you will not be confused if it has another name when you open it. This platform for online surveys has a big community that reached already 3 million members who are earning doing surveys. The platform has been founded by Ipsos – a global market research foundation, that is 45 years old and since it’s foundation has conducted more than 65 million surveys and interviews around the world.

They are proud that they have over three million users, they share this in each language on their main page.

How much can you earn from

This will actually depend on the location you are in. However you will get 45 points on registration and regarding surveys, how many will be available and of course how...