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World Coldest Place Ever

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It looks like you are talking about India coldest places, but their is none except Ooty and kashmir. In overseas we find many cold places that can become Ice too.
I remember when I was small, my grand grand mother threw a bucket of hot water outside and it vaporised instantly, it was -37 degrees celsius, winter back then were colder, now it is warmer, love that ^_^
I remember watching a documentary about a village in Siberia. Out there the weather is always - 50 celsius degrees so i assume that's the coldest place on earth
I have a brother that lives 30 miles outside of Fairbanks, Alaska, and in the winter, it commonly gets down as low as -60 degrees Fahrenheit (-51 Celsius). I think last winter, his thermostats that works in temps that cold, at one point registered even colder than that.
There is a lot of places in the world are too cold i can mention Alaska and Siberia the will be your best option if
you are looking for a cold place however the place that im living in is too cold in the winter
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