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What are your favourite video games?

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If you are into gaming, do you have favourite video games? For what platform are they and for how long have you been playing them? Are there any reasons why you like these games?

Currently, my favourite ones are Grand Theft Auto V, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Euro Truck Simulator 2 and all of them are for PC. I just enjoy playing them and the truck simulator is very relaxing for me.
Aren't any favourite regards the list of games that I have, To many to say what's my favourite.
  • Flight sim
  • World of warships and tanks
  • Spintires, mudrunners
I also love the GTA games but haven't played it in awhile.
Same here. I like the Grand Theft Auto V video game and I was playing it very actively last month but I stopped recently too. I should start playing it again very soon as it's a good game.
It would have to be the Grand Theft Auto series although, like the users above, I haven't played it much recently. The problem for me was that Rockstar shoved microtransactions into the game and it just ruined the online experience for me.
I have played only few games and out of that my favorite is GTA Vicecity V. I think you all are gamers so spend most of the time on Games, but I have to make money for life.
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