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VR Gaming?

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VR Gaming is a very good experience if you never have tried it. Is anyone here ever tried to play a VR game?

I still haven't got the chance to try it. But I hope in the future I will play some of those games.
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I don't really like VR Gaming that much. I wanna be lazy when I game.
I like to be lazy too when I play video games but trying a VR game will be a very different experience compared to the regular ones. It's worth it to try VR gaming at least once. :)
My younger sister got one of those virtual reality headsets that use a phone. I tried it out and honestly, I didn't really like it that much. It's a good experience for a few minutes but after a while, it's just boring and pointless.
I think VR headset like VR gaming and do you think that we have to use VR headset for playing such games? or VR gaming can be played on laptop too?
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