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Are you a person who enjoys sweet or sour foods/drinks?

I don't mind having both, If you into Indian and or maybe Chinese food then I do like sweet and sour foods. It's nice indeed. When it comes to chocolates then I do eat and enjoy the sweet side of it but at times it can be far more too sweet and I stick to dark chocolates.



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Never been much into sour - with the exception I like the sweet and sour sauce for chicken nuggets. Who else likes that? Can anyone make homemade?


Loved the sour sweets, but I am into everything that doesn t have sugar. I feel way more healthier since I stopped eating it, better energy levels now!


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It really depends on what food are wr talking about. I like both sweet and sour, first you eat the sour food and then you enjoy something sweet


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I really love sour snacks.

Most sour would be some brand of Warheads.

My favorite though would be Super Lemon (a Japanese candy).

After that I do enjoy lemonheads, sour patch kids, and shock tarts. All three can be a bit sweet (instead of sour), which is probably why I inhale them to try and maintain the sour for longer. I buy these all at my local dollar store, they offer a lot of foreign candy


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I naturally prefer salty food. But sometimes I find myself I cannot resist sweet food ... Who can resist the temptation of a chocolate cake, but as I said, if I were to choose between sweet and salty food, I would choose the salty one.
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