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Jun 19, 2015
I have read many sad stories with respect to stock investment before.

So, I just can't bring myself to look more into it. It's so easy to lose whatever you have earned so far, if you are not careful. So, I would like to understand the basics of stock investment. I have read couple of articles before and I have come across some apps which can track the progress too.

Do you think it would be a good experience, to start using an app for stock investment? Kindly, give me some advice and necessary tips. Thank you all in advance.
I would look online for something on the basics. Myself, I read a book back in the 2000s that was interesting. Nonetheless, I didn't get started in stock investing as no capital then.
I would look online for something on the basics. Myself, I read a book back in the 2000s that was interesting. Nonetheless, I didn't get started in stock investing as no capital then.
I did look for information before.
It's just that I have heard of too many people losing money because of these investments before. Some faraway relative of mine had done the same too.

He lost his house and land and even now, most of our relatives talk about him and how they shouldn't do anything like that. Things like this can make you very hesitant. I have started my career like 4 years ago. So, I don't have too much to invest but I would like to start something I suppose. I will try to get more knowledge before doing this. Thank you!
If you're going to start investing in stocks you need to only put into your investment what you can afford to lose. The market goes up and down right now because of the covid situation so the risk is pretty high and uncertain whether you'll be able to make a profit. Buy Low, Sell High is the goal but you can't force that to happen.

Find an online stock broker to work with that won't take all your profits through fees and commissions.

Have you started a spreadsheet to monitor some stocks you're interested in purchasing? Look for trends and maybe the brokerage site has those stats for you?
It is sad that even stock brokers can only do much. When the markets are down, one's capital can go up in smoke in just a short while. Personally, I would pick other investment options over stocks.
You need extensive and enough research before you can invest in the stock market, trading stocks is very complex. You need to be smart with it.
It’s very simple firstly you need to decide on what type of stock investment you want. When you buy the stock, don’t downplay the portfolio of investment. Don’t be greedy and try out motif. These steps will guide you through exchange journey
It is a great choice to invest in stocks, but take a week and study the companies, my advice is invest in the companies that you spend your energy in, where you put your attention.
In 1994 when we bought a Pager for my business because we had no landline phone, the company required us to buy 300 shares of their stocks. That was worth $120 which was big money during that time. Piltel was the company. On the following year the cellphone came to the market. You can imagine that the pager had lost its popularity. After 2 years the Piltel stocks was only worth $12. It was a sad experience of losing money that way that is why the only stocks that we have now is the shares of stocks of the biggest bank in our country. It is stable so far.
Stock exchange is really good and you going to love it if you really devote into it and be serious about it but you need to first do investigation before jumping into any stock investment because it's not easy and some are fake, not real
If you want to get started with a stock investment, you should always start with IPO, or Initial Public Offering. You don't have to invest a lot of money when a company opens IPO. However, after the closing of IPO just in a couple of weeks, your share values might increase at least by 100 percent. The only thing you need to remember is you are buying from reputed companies.
Stock business it a good business somone can go into and be getting good and cool cash...it really good to have business doing at hand, laziness it not a good thing at all when sitting down without doing nothing you have to get something doing
I'm into stock trading but believe most people who says they lose money are either the greedy one or the impatient one. Some people will just buy stocks without doing fundamental analysis and technical analysis of a company and they think they will make money like that
A stock business is a profitable business, before thinking about to open a business you need to do research on how start up the business you have to plan very well about it
You need knowledge on finance and investment in order to understand stock market. without propwe understanding of stock market you cannot profit from stock investment.
Yes it would be a good experience, to start using an app for stock investment so the tips i would like to give you is to have a good interpretational skills and a good market analysis, for example you will need to improve the way you analyse your market which will not make you to have any loss.
Well first thing would be to get acquainted with the trades. Understand how it works and then proceed from there. There are quite a few good apps that allows you to invest and buy shares on the stock market.
Stock is a very good investment that every now investors will like to consider. I can't just joke with American stock exchange market because it gives the real market trends. Other advance countries with a great stock plan is also advisable but Nigerian stock is not part of my prescription for those interested in stock market because of their fake stock brokers.
Stock is an unstable form of investment at this time of covid-19 pandemic, it's been very volatile, one minute a stock is gaining, the next minute the same stock is plummeting, so I will advise you not to invest in stock for now because this pandemic period is not favouring the stock market one bit.

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