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Singleplayer vs multiplayer gaming?


Which are your favourite type of games? Singleplayer or multiplayer ones?

I prefer the multiplayer gaming because I think that it's more entertaining for me. But I also like singleplayer games with a good story.
Competitive multiplayer just makes me remember how much I don't have time to be good at them anymore. The occasional match against friends is fine, but going online to face randos who are all better than me because they've been playing and practicing for 100 more hours than I have, no thanks.

Single player games are fun, but because there's hardly any "me and my friends sitting around playing games" I feel like something is lost there, as well. We used to switch off playing games like Resident Evil 4 after every death or every map; way before that, every level or every death in games like Kid Chameleon and Mega Man. In Final Fantasy games, we'd play for a set amount of time and then someone else would get the controller for a while. The ones not playing would BS and watch the other play, offering light razzing or helpful tips or advice. That kind of atmosphere doesn't exist as much in the current "sit alone and play single player games" environment. You can stream and maybe recapture a little of that if you have a steady following and you like to engage with them, but to me it's still not the same.
I like to play multiplayer games with friends :)

When i was kid i play the last singleplayer game ...
That depend on which kind of game however if we are talking about PES i like to play it with my friends
also chess game playing with a friend better then playing against the app
Multiplayer is more provocative but it can be more annoying where you need team plays and yo have solo players.
I love the multiplayer because it's more competitive between the players.
my friends love the challenge and that's what let all of our games special and enjoyable (my favorite games are FIFA and Pubg)
For me that depends on the game it self .. but generaley i would say multiplayer because it allows you the share your friends the game ... but sometimes you can have a network problemes so you have to play single mode
I like the Sigle player. You can not become rage, and easily complete the stage without any panic. Where in multiplayer people used cheats, racists and abusing family. Voice chat is obnoxious. I find multiplayer generally frustrating and unfun
Talking about multiplayer games , you can play them whenever you want to without getting bored , as they don't have a campaign that will end anytime soon unlike single player games.
The multi player is the best, because you still have the option to play as a single player, most games this days comes as multi player to get recognition and lots of usage.multi player act as a connector in families and friends.
#Multiplayer is best for me, in my childhood me and my brother always love to play video games daily for hours, we play multiplayer sports, action games!! Some times we played it for hours at late night, I love the days and missing alot
Gaming on it's own is good for me, whether it is that of the single player or multiplayer because I play both, the multiplayer is quite competitive that's why I engage in it more
Which are your favourite type of games? Singleplayer or multiplayer ones?

I prefer the multiplayer gaming because I think that it's more entertaining for me. But I also like singleplayer games with a good story.
Multiplayer is still the best because there you get to meet lots of challenges. And also get to know good you are and beating up or get beaten by your friends
My favorite game is a mix of both, You are having a character your own chacater you can kill mobs by yourself but yet you need others assistance against raid bosses and stronger mobs so its a mix, I'm playing on this game since childhood (From the age of 3 years old) that long indeed, it all started after my father showed me the game and since then I'm playing on it. It is very nostalgic to me and It's musics are great!.

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