How To Connect Blog/Website to your YouTube Channel


Power Of Love
Hi Guys Today I am going to tell you How you can associate your website or blog with your YouTube Channel ! Read the Below steps to know How to do so !

How to do so:
1. Go
2. Scroll down and look for "Associate Website"
3. Type the url of your website in the box!
4. Once you type your url, click on "Add"
5. Then you will see that your page is Updated! and then you need to click on "Verify"
6. Now a new page will come up and then select the method how you want to verify your website!
7. Click on "Recommended Method"
8. And follow the method given there!
9. So once you have downloaded the verification file! you need to Download Filezilla ! (Link given below)
10. Upload the file by signing in your details of your File Manager given by your Hosting Company of your website in Filezilla !
11. Now, you have to put the Downloaded file in your website's "Public_htmls" directory !!
12. Once uploaded, go back to your browser and click on the link given there to your website and see it has been uploaded properly!
13. Now click on the red "Verify" Button!

Now its all Done! Thanks and enjoy your associated website !!