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170.18 cms is exactly equal to 67 inches which is exactly the same as 5ft. 7 in. My 'exact' height is at LEAST 170.2 cms. That much I can assure you, "neutered cat" . SORRY, I have to break your heart, again, "neutered cat" .
You can even calculate in mm also and my current height is 5.6 inches only. I don't have an habit of drinking in night and chatting with other people.
My height is currently equal to 6.33 feets and I am not a fan of it lets say, It gives me some back pains and a lot of people are always telling me and disturbing me about my height, they tell me things like do you play basketball?, you will reach the roof one day!, what is your height? they think they are the first one to ask it that they are special, and thought about a great idea to talk about it. sometimes I respond them with" you are the 100 man to ask for my height" so they will understand what they are doing. We the tall people get recognize more and get asked for our height all the time.
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