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What is by far the worst video game you ever played?


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Oct 27, 2020
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What would you guys say is by far the worst video game ever made? Some will say Superman 64, or Sonic 06. For me it was probably a game on the PS1 called Largo Winch. I believe it was a Syphon Filter/Metal Gear Solid clone that was based off of a short lived tv show of the same name. I never watched the show, but I remember buying the game for like $10 when I was a kid and remembered being unhappy about how bad the game was.

What would you say is the worst video game ever made?
For me when it comes to video games and the worst one I have ever played it would have to be PUBG. Many people will more than likely disagree with me about me saying PUBG as I know it was quite popular when it first came out and many still play it now but when I played it, I couldn't get on with the movement of the game and I found the game as a whole to be slow and boring. I guess because I like more fast-paced games that is why it never really interested me as much as it did others.
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