What do you think about kickcoin ( kickex )


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I was registered on the kickex and i got 50.000 free kick token but i dont know much about this. The kickex beta is still blocked and can not be used and wait for the released.

Whos here have tried on KICKEX.COM


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I didn't heard about this website you didn't tell us if it's an exchange or a PTC platform it will be better
if you provide more informations about it so we can help


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Never heard about this coin before so it probably a new coin that was not launched yet. You probably received the coins from an airdrop, so you should wait until the coin is released on to an exchange


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This is the first time that I am hearing about this kickex.com but I don't really have much faith in it as I don't think that it would be that successful because it's not a solid cryptocurrency investment.


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So many of these cryptocurrencies do not have any single solution or problem to solved. Because of this we won't likely sees a lot of people putting up their efforts to invest or buy coins like this.