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Last game played?

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What was the name of the last video game which you have played? On what system you have played it - PC, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, Mobile, etc?

For me it was Dead by Daylight and I played that on my computer. It's a cool horror survival game where you can play as a killer or survivor.
Mobile legends! Currently only at the epic rank but doing my best to be a Mythic. Sadly AFK players and toxic players are still out there ruining the game and it is really hard for a solo player like me to rank fast.
Mass effect 3 by Bioware. I used a PC to played this game. What is good about this game is you are allowed to make vital decision to changed the result of each event in the game. The graphics is very good and The story line of the game are very complex and detailed.
The last game I played was DOTA 2, well, I guess I get tired of it because I've been playing it for more almost 4 years, so I realized that I have to stop from playing it because I don't find myself enjoying the game anymore.
Last game I played was Dead by Daylight, an asymmetric survival horror game for PC! It's a team-based game in which 4 survivors have to escape a trial from the dangers of a "killer". The opponent is also played by another person which makes this game different with each match. My friends and I have been playing regularly for over an year and we still enjoy it very much. I recommend everyone to try it out! :)
The last game I played was Clash Royale. It's a mobile game. You can also play it using tablets. It was a fun and easy game. But it gets harder to win the game the further you progress. Other players are really good at it. :D
Mystic Messenger is a South Korean female oriented visual novel game developed by Cheritz. It was created at the year 2016 and still working today with an updated version and additional character and story. The game is described as "storytelling messenger game" and is available in Korean, English and Chinese.

I played it when it was released. The graphics was so unreal and it so cringy every time I played it. I stopped playing last year and then played again this time. I used the same account and they still have my data. Amazing!
Last game I played is PUBG, haha I love it guys I think you should try playing it too. Let's play together add me up so we can be a team :);):love:. I am so addicted with this game, I love its graphic, and also the game itself. What I mean is how the game itself works.
The last game that I played was Fortnite Battle Royale on the PS4. Played a game of Sniper Shootout Squads and actually managed to get the Victory Royale!
The last game that I played was World of Warships: Legends on PlayStation 4. It's free to play and came out recently so it is great!
I've been playing the Spyro the Dragon remaster on PS4 lately..

It's a decent bit of nostalgia that's been given a new lease of life, it looks incredible :love:
I am playing on mobile, but my last game is GTA Vicecity which was my favorite game. I am still looking to install and play on my laptop, but don't have time.
The last game I played was mortal Kombat and that was yesterday night I played it till around 10 then I shut my system and then slept off .
The last game played on a console is the PS3 soccer game. It was quite difficult playing with computer. Before then, I played the mortal combat on the same PS3.
Since when they stole my PES 3,I have paid less attention to games,I just spent time on few games on my phone, the one I am currently on is candy crush,I just like games without ending and less challenges.
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