It's Always Sunny


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Does anyone else watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? I recently got into it after a friend recommended it a while back and I have to say, it was the best thing I did. I absolutely love the show and can't wait to catch up. I'm currently halfway through Season 10.


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I've watched a few episodes. My favorite part of the show is the many transformations of Mac. From skinny mac, to fat Mac, to buff Mac and then to gay buff Mack.

I also like Maureen Ponderosa, her slow transformation into a cat always has me dying laughing. I need to watch a lot more of it, but Charlie's voice always annoys me.


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I just did a search and got that the city had most murder ratings and dangerous. I would suggest to stay far away from that city.
I think you might have got this confused with the city Philadelphia. This is a TV show and not about the city.

I loved the transformation as well @Anime_admin. The episode that they did that was a sort of documentary after she was killed was hilarious as well.


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This show is actually a good show that a friend also recommended to me but I have not watch it yet. It is still quite on my laptop, I hope to watch it as from next week to see how interesting the movie or show is.