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Have you ever gotten into a public beef online?


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Oct 27, 2020
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Was there ever a time where you got into a public beef online? Maybe it was from a job you did, or people you used to know.

I've had my share of arguments online, but nothing too serious. What about you?
Once some online users were bullying a person who had objected to their indecent comments. They were so mean and literally harassed this person. I intervened and from then their anger was directed against me.
I don't get into beef online and it's not going to be on social media websites. There are so many fruitful things I can be into to gain something more rewarding. I won't waste such time beefing and quarrelling online. It's a lazy person who would do this kind of thing.
I did once on Reddit that I can recall. I was basically being called a little kid by an ignorant person for living with my parents in my twenties and we argued back and forth a little bit, but not too long.