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Favourite place to buy games digitally?

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There are a lot of places from where you can purchase video games digitally - Steam, Origin, uPlay, Battlenet. But which place is your favourite one? How long you have been using it?

For me it's Steam. I think that it's the most popular platform for buying video games and has a lot of options available. Also, the support there is good but not always.
G2A is also a good shop for games, with great offers but Steam still beats them all..
in some games it really is a discount, but with VAT you get 0 or even more expensive than on steam :))
I have never bought a game online before, i always go to a physical store to get my games. But from your post I have a knowledge about it I will definitely try it out.
Well as for me I don't have any favorites place of buying game digitally, this is because I have never buy it game online before, I always go to a physical store to buy game.
My favourite place to buy games online through game site most people have game sites like the download games when you go there you download you pay for.
I prefer paying for games on sites and platforms where I can.make payments and download than going to get it from a physical store myself
I have never bought games anywhere else other than Amazon. I guess it is my best. Or is it just because i find everything i look for. I have never had to look elsewhere anyway.
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