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Favourite phone brand?


There are tons of brand available with hundreds of models when you want to purchase a new phone. Do you have a favourite brand and if so which one is it? Are there any reasons why do you like it and would you buy a phone which is from another brand?

Personally, I don't have a favourite one. Every brand has good and bad models.
I voted Apple. I’ve tried using Android and I just couldn’t get into it. It would always lag, my phone would always freeze, etc. I don’t have that issue with my iPhone unless I am trying to type something that is like 500 words long. :p
I love Huawei. I've used them for my past three phones plus current phone.
One of my parents is using a Huawei phone too. Which model exactly do you have? If it's not the new P20 are you considering to upgrade the phone?