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What's your favorite game ?

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As the title says: What's your favorite game ?
I have 2 favorite on the 1 place: Counter-Strike 1.6 and pc/ps4 fifa games.
I firmly believe the games of a bygone era were really meant for gameplay those games really cherished everyone's childhood such "Call Of Duty 1" "Medal Of Honor", "Painkiller" and "GTA vice city" we have big list with us to show the gems of the gaming industry. NFS underground is the most played and preferred game by me as the storyline and the music tracks that hard to ignore however other most preferred game is made Activision "Call Of Duty 1" as your battalion shouting together to wave the flag at the top which is enough to give you the taste of patriotism.
It's flight simulator all the way here :)

Ever since I got my hands on it and just learn and whatnot I never stopped since. Before that, I was doing allot of GTA RPing based. Meaning RPing as a cop :)
I'd find it almost impossible to narrow it down to just one favourite game, I've had several fantastic gaming experiences..

I could perhaps attempt an unordered top 5 (and I feel like even then, I'm missing some gems!).. :p
  • Resident Evil 2 (original)
  • Final Fantasy VII (original)
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Gears of War
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum
I don't really have one, but most any Mario or Donkey Kong game would do. Well, I did have trouble understanding Super Mario Sunshine and Paper Mario, though. Anyway, with the Mario games I would include Mario Kart.

Anyway, my 2nd favorite game would be Madden Football (American Football), any version.
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Banjo-kazooie was another fun one. It was on Nintendo 64 and has hence moved to xBox. It was as fun as Mario. I wonder if they have the original on xBox.
There is vast variety when it comes to mobile games. To choose one the best of them isn't that easy tho , but I like to play Call Of Duty Mobile , it's a perfect TDM and battle royal game.
I love race games ( need of speed ) sport games ( pro evolution soccer 2013 / 2016 /2020 . Fifa 2020 ) action games ( prince of persia / god of wear / call of duty .. ) online games i love little big farmer / fortnite ) but the game i spent y free time playing is pes 2020 ... (mode carrer)
My favorite games is Free Fire there is also other games like Tomb Raider - Prince of Persia - Wolfenstein and
PES i played a lot of games and most of them was amazing i can't mention them all
Dota 2, even though I stopped playing it, I have spent thousands of hours playing it over 20.000 since the first map in Warcraft 3.
My favourite games are mortal Kombat and grand theft Auto, this games were my best games because I happen to have friends addicted to this game,I can play this game without checking time or going out.
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