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What online casino do you prefer?


In past i played a lot of games at the offline/online casino but for me it did not work because i losed a lot of money.
All i earn i losed twice because i don't know when to stop. But are still there a few people that make a great money from casinos.
Do you ever played ? Or still play?
I've tried some time ago with cryptocurrency but I didn't feel like it was profitable so I only did it for a short while. Sure, you can win a lot but the chance of that happening is incredibly small. There's a reason there are so many casinos out there, and it's not because there are many generous people.
I only play on bitcoin and crypto casinos like Stake or Sportsbet.io because most fiat casinos are not available in my coutry due to regulations
I prefer crypto casinos because they barely have any identity verification.

I have alot of regulations in my country so it makes things easy...
I don't trust them at all and I don't want to lose money, to these things.
Well, it's a trust issue for me and I have read about people losing their money a lot. I am sure there are a few trusted websites but there are many fake reviews out there as well.

I never tried to sign up in any of those websites. I will probably look for more information, before giving an online casino, a try. I am afraid, this could get addictive.
The choice on whether or not to travel to a land-based casino or to play online may be a personal one.

However, many folks these days like online casinos as a result of they need many benefits.

Playing online saves time and if you're the sort that doesn’t like handling crowds, it's the simplest selection.

Online casinos offer additional diversity and a power tool level of enjoying that doesn't appear to favor anybody, and there aren’t as several distractions as in land-based casinos.

When enjoying from home, it's easier to focus after you wish and you furthermore mght have the liberty to prevent the sport whenever you're feeling like, and you'll wear what you would like, drink or eat what you would like, and use the sort of currency of your selection while not having to consult anybody.

Another advantage of online casinos is that they don’t have any points in time.

They are open throughout the day and night. this can be in contrast to several land-based casinos that square measure opened solely at specific times of the day/night.

Online casinos square measure accessible twenty four hours each day, seven days every week and you'll perpetually notice a game to play at any moment and from nearly anyplace within the world.

That’s not all, online casinos provide higher payout percentages and it's conjointly been known that the possibilities of winning whereas enjoying online is beyond enjoying in land-based casinos.

And because of fashionable technology, it's easier currently to play online than enjoying in land-based casinos, which means you'll play several games in a very day and earn additional.
I have practiced this "sport" for a long time but I am satisfied that I gave up on them and I don't want to hear about it anymore :))
I never use online casino just csgo betting and i always lost. I suggest you guys not to use this sites.
It's dangerous to gamble. Even on csgo betting there are so many surprises, any team can beat anyone because it's all about an online game.
I think most of them gambling are rigged, it s just a machine that can be programmed to do something or not do something.
I don't the casino/ the gambling games because at the begging you win normally after that you won't win any game.

if you love the gambling section then bet on the sport section.
at the moment I only use the superbet application because it gives me a gift every day (lottery, casino, bets, etc.).
I have stopped gambling for a long time, mostly everything is arranged and causes us to lose our money, at first it feels fun and easy to earn money but in the end it only causes misery
I have never tried casinos, both offline and online. I don't gamble and so I do not want to try them. I was a bit tempted to try crypto casinos like stake but I just decided not to do it as I might loose my money.