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What is your favorite game on your smartphone


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Mar 24, 2020
I dont know about game PS and others but i playing the game from my phone with the game online like a mobile legend..etc.. and the simple game others
I love the 8pool game but unfortunately many cheater players on this game and i love the domino game this game makes me addictive and almost everyday i played this game.

So what is your favorite game on your phone.
I don't play a lot of games, but sometimes when I don't have anything else to do I play "Rider". It's not very advanced and I wouldn't recommend grinding it because it would probably become boring. But it's fun to play every now and then.
The game online with a team it seems like good and fun but really i dont understand how to play that games. it look like complicated for me hahaha.. that's why i choice a simple games to fill my free time..
In this modern era, it's really easy to find to most captivating games played by gamers, but choices and games are getting change time to time hence sometimes people forget the masterpiece, anyway the game that I enjoyed most on your smartphone was "TinTin the Adventure" it's difficult to find but trust me the experience was spellbound of playing this game. remember its the 3rd person view and purely 3d so make sure to find the right one.
It's very difficult to find a game on smartphones that hold my attention for any length of time, and many of the multiplayer offerings I've tried feel scripted and/or biased to favour one player over another.

I sometimes play the classic Pokémon games through an emulator on my phone, but even then I stop playing for weeks at a time and I completely forget where I got up to with it, and feel like I need to start over. There's only so many times I feel like replaying the first 10+ hours of a game.. :ROFLMAO:
Played many apps on my smartphone then again not allot of game apps that I have tried. Angry birds I have played the most hours and so I would say that's a good game to play while you are bored or on public busses going to places that can take 20mins of traveling time. Has anyone played Angry birds? Let me know who has LOL

Also I played a cheap police chase game, but it was made so badly, I just can't remember the app name, I know it was on the Windows Phone store.
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When it comes to smartphones , I enjoy playing PUBG Mobile the most , it can get addictive at times.
All the smartphone games are made to give you endorphine releases while you play through each progress you do, they feed from our attention Golding is captive in the screen so to speak
Angry birds I have played the most hours and so I would say that's a good game to play while you are bored or on public busses going to places that can take 20mins of traveling time. Has anyone played Angry birds? Let me know who has LOL
I played the original Angry Birds quite a lot, though I can't remember whether or not I managed to get 3 stars on all levels.. It was on an old Windows phone which was linked to my Xbox gamertag, and could unlock achievements along the way - which probably explains why it actually managed to hold my attention.. ?

I tried Angry Birds 2 on my Android, and while it was ok at first - it just didn't grab me as much.
when it comes to playing online using my mobile phone, i love to play bling games where you can earn bitcoin while playing. its a legit paying game..and you need not have referrals which is good for me.
Phone games are so usefull while traveling in plane or bus . It helps to spent time without feel it with no boring . To me i play need for speed and pro evolution soccer and big little farm ... but for every one who loves android games must get good smartphone so he has no problemes when he install them
I think chess is the best game that i would play it especially while travelling you can play it with your friend in the bus
or the car anyway most of peoples prefer to play games like Free fire in phone
Hmm I wouldn t count them as favorites, but I would say Mobile Legends bang bang and PubG
There are a wide variety of them that i do like playing such as subway scoffer, Running temple, And chess.. for me i still prefer the chess game it is so educative and it improves ones sense spartia. And it helps makes good decisions. It really improves ones thinking capability.
The favorite game on my smartphone will be dependent on my mood at any point in time. However, I mostly play the online chess game, where I challenge opponents in the global community. Other times, I play lawn tennis and Car racing games.
My most favourite game on my smartphone is called Temple run oz. This game is an arcade game, I have never reached the end before but I enjoy playing it the most
My best mobile game on smartphone is dream league I love dream league so much that I do play every evening before I go to bed it is an interesting game that has real players and their names.
Subway surfer and candy crush have a permanent spot on my phone, if it's possible to award most active mobile game user,I will definitely have no rival,the game is fun and relaxing to play.

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