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Aug 24, 2020
I have noticed that there is a huge increase in the shops and the services that make use of the stripe checkout. I don't have stripe account as of yet. But I would love to get my own account that can accept the various online money acceptance options using it.

Do you have stripe account?
I set one up when I sold a forum last year. I have not used it since but it is nice to have. I am just used to using Paypal having only used them exclusively since 2004.
Unfortunately, stripe and PayPal are not available in my country. But soon stripe will be fully available because they just bought a startup payment system company (paystack) in my country.
I don't know much about stripe but I get how it works, it is a pity that it has not been available in my country.
Stripe is a good payment platform. Just get their link and sign up for their services. You can also ask a developer to help you integrate it as your payment plan on your ecommerce site
I first learned about Stripe when I heard about Vocal. I wanted to join the site because I love writing and getting paid for it is the fantastic cherry on top. However, discovering the site only pays via Stripe, a payment processor I found out is only available in about 25 countries, soon burst my bubble. As far as I can tell, all of these countries are Tier 1 countries and I live in a Tier 3 country.
I have never heard of this platform and I have never used it. can a person who uses it give me more details about how it works? a person who knows and knows how to work.