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May 23, 2020
While looking for some of the websites where the cryptocurrencies can be earned. I came across the sphere network. And the site is similar to the STEEM. But the difference is that earning here anything is a bit hard. The site is pretty much established. And the people just upvote each other. No new people can find their way around. Which is why the network is not much growing these days.

Have you tried sphere network?
This sphere network is quite interesting but I am so comfortable with this forum known as Bizdustry that I don't want to explore any other website.
I have account on Steemit. However, I abandoned the site because I was not earning. I have never heard of sphere network. However, I am not interested n trying any steemit like site to make money because earning is really hard
I can't say I have but I know a few people who have worked within the network.

I feel like this is a very niche path to take and not for just everyday investors who are looking to invest a bit in crypto and let it ride.