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Google announced on Friday that it will index all sites in the world based on their mobile version, the so-called "mobile-first" indexing, which could lead to significant ranking changes.
Mobile-first. The measure, applied after 4 years of tests
After almost four years of testing, Google will start from September to index all websites starting from their mobile version and not from the PC version, as it has done so far.
The change comes to reflect changes in the browsing habits of users, who now use mobile devices more than PCs to visit websites.
Google has started changing the priority of indexing to mobile versions since last year, to gradually move to an index based on mobile variants of sites.
70% of the sites are already indexed based on the mobile version.
Mobile-first, starting in September 2020
Today's announcement represents the conclusion of a trial, which will take place in September. From then on, all sites will be indexed on the mobile-first principle and rank in the result pages as such, according to News.ro.
Most sites are already ready for this change, with special mobile versions or, preferably, "responsive" versions, which change their layout automatically, depending on the device they are accessed from.
Sites that have not previously taken care to optimize for mobile devices will see a decrease in Google traffic, losing places on the results pages in favor of optimized sites.
Well, this makes sense - cause most people are on mobiles these days. In fact, computers are becoming as geeky as when they were making fun of them on Married with Children, a show back in the early 90s :). Well, laptops are still a little bit cool these days, but it doesn't seem to be the heyday of them.