It is a super interesting game, with varied sources of Token play.
Token is the currency of the game that can be converted into Gold, Credit, Food.
Gold is the second currency in the game with which you can buy various things, such as: Potions of life, pokes in the game, etc.
Credit is the currency that can be exchanged for Bitcoin. The conversion is 1000 Credits = 10 Cents in Bitcoin.
The food is for mercenaries who can be bought in the game.
Mercenaries can only be bought with Tokens, with them you can participate in raids and win different rewards in Tokens.
So basically you start from 0 with everything and you accumulate tokens from: Offerwalls: TheoremReach, Shortlinks, Adscendmedia, Offertoro etc.
And every 15 minutes a bonus ranging from 5-15 tokens.
Good after you collect a lot of Token you buy books that upgrade you to xp and automatically give you pucks with which you can put them at: Strength, Defense, Dexterity, Energy, Health.
After you become strong enough you can participate in raids.
Mercenaries need food after you buy them in turn they bring you tokens at whatever time for 30 days.



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I have done this is the past months but it's not just easy to make the tokens before you now convert it into Bitcoin. I spend up to 50 minutes on a task and despite that im not giving the chance to complete it at some point which is very frustrating to me despite the time I have wasted on the platform.


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This looks like a cool way to earn tokens online, I have been looking for a platform like this one in which I can be having fun by playing game s and at the same time earning money online, I am going to register for this, thanks for sharing.


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I haven't heard about this platform before but it seems that you would not be able to earn a good amount of money as such kind of websites do not pay much. I can only hope this is not a gambling platform or a scam.
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