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Comfortable attending a concert?


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Mar 15, 2019
Would you feel comfortable attending a concert with the covid still happening?

I've only been to one concert but know a lot of people who really miss going to those and relaxing to music. For me I didn't like having a lot of people around.
I used to really love concerts and even attend them alone as I just did not want to miss out. But for a while now they have made me feel anxious even when I am surrounded by friends and family. I do not think the COVID-19 pandemic helps my situation either as I would be even more anxious. Maybe I would attend a sit-down table style concert though. That is probably good for me who gets tired easily!
Definitely not, and anyways aren't concerts forbidden in most of the world? It's going to take a long time until the world will come back to "normal"
Last concert I have been was an opera in Timisoara two years and a half ago.
I have nothing to be afraid of with or without covid-19 because I know I can never be a victim. Even if the virus manage itself to get to my body it will die before I notice. Yes, I know I have to put every preventive measure in place as ordered by the health personnel but that doesn't make me a slave of the pandemic to be living in fear everyday because of it's havoc.
Going to concert is not a bad idea but you have to follow COVID-19 precaution tips by not moving too close to people, using nose masks, not hugging and shaking hands and other important tips
I would never be comfortable attending any public gathering or concert at the case maybe because I am quite scared about the Corona virus pandemic that is ravaging the world right now.
Can't take such risk,i like some concert i i can't risk my life to enjoy it, even if i do,i must used facemask, eyeclass, hear mask and gloves to prevent my self for Corona virus.
I have attended so many concert most of them are interesting entertaining and educating why most of them are boring however attending concerts makes you to have wild exposure getting to meet new people and also entertaining yourself.
Well I'm sure any concert to be held around this covid time must have been passed safe for the public, and the organizers must have a safety check in place so I think I could attend a concert now
No I was never very comfortable around crowds at any point even when I was very young. I used to worry there would be a fire and I wouldn't be able to escape or I would get trampled if there was a panic. I would certainly not be able to cope with it now
Well as for me I feel comfortable attending any concerts during the period of covid19, this is because I don't really believe in covid19. And I believe it a scam
It's a multibillion-dollar dilemma that the entire performing arts and entertainment industry is currently wrestling with. The COVID-19 global pandemic has had an effect on almost every aspect of our lives, from how we work and shop for essentials to how we pass the time. The concert and performing arts industries have come to a complete halt.
At this point,on this date covid seems to be technically defeated,unlike before,the sound of covid Sparks outrage, at the moment covid is seen as a mere malaria,I can attend concert.
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