I present a site very similar to
The registration steps are simple:
- enter the Bitcoin address;
- enter the email address.
- then enter the code received in the mail;
- you will be directed to install the Adsbitcoin extension in your browser and then access the advertisements from there:
The ads are focused, meaning you have to stay on the page until the timer expires. After that, enter a captcha which is very simple and give "claim".
Minimum delay: 5,000 satoshi
It also has a daily lottery where 4000 satoshi are offered. To participate you must meet two simple conditions:
- have 20 advertisements seen in the last 7 days;
- be a member for at least 3 days.
Just tap on the gift icon in the extension and then click "to register".


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This offer from this website look so enticing and I am tempted to want to try this even though with the original poster didn't give much information about the platform. I would try this out and give feedback if they really pays.


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Based on the analysis given, it seems the site looks promising but what I am not sure of is if the site still exist and still pay because the thread is old . I will be expecting a reply on this. I doubt if the site still exist based on research