I present a site very similar to
The registration steps are simple:
- enter the Bitcoin address;
- enter the email address.
- then enter the code received in the mail;
- you will be directed to install the Adsbitcoin extension in your browser and then access the advertisements from there:
The ads are focused, meaning you have to stay on the page until the timer expires. After that, enter a captcha which is very simple and give "claim".
Minimum delay: 5,000 satoshi
It also has a daily lottery where 4000 satoshi are offered. To participate you must meet two simple conditions:
- have 20 advertisements seen in the last 7 days;
- be a member for at least 3 days.
Just tap on the gift icon in the extension and then click "to register".


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Couldn't find any information about the website online, no payment proofs and no reviews about the website. So, the only way to find out if it's legit is by trying it yourself
And that's a bit risky, only if the OP could reply to rhseee messages


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although I do not know whether this site is really legitimate or not but I will immediately try it to prove it myself and thank you for sharing.


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This offer from this website look so enticing and I am tempted to want to try this even though with the original poster didn't give much information about the platform. I would try this out and give feedback if they really pays.


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I have not tried this one but I have tried a lot of similar sites in the past and based on my experience I would say ptc sites that pay satoshis are not worth our time.


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Based on the analysis given, it seems the site looks promising but what I am not sure of is if the site still exist and still pay because the thread is old . I will be expecting a reply on this. I doubt if the site still exist based on research
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