30,000 CNG TOKENS FOR FREE (~$300)


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The best solution for casino's tokens from CNGame Casino and the partner exchange Coinsbit. The guarantee of payment of payoffs, the absence of intermediaries and banks and all the advantages of cryptocurrency are combined in the game token of the future - CNG.

1. Signup for an account at Coinsbit: https://coinsbit.io/referral/c67762cd-606c-4393-81ec-a8c16426670b
2. Verify your email address and complete KYC (https://coinsbit.io/settings/verification)
3. Join Coinsbit on Telegram group (https://t.me/coinsbit_chat).
4. Level 5 referral for more tokens.
5. For more info And more info please visit on here (https://t.me/coinsbit_announcements/335).

KYC is mandatory (create a new account)

Distribution : May 01, 2020

Note: Coinsbit Exchange already listed on Coinmarketcap, After completing your KYC verification, the token will be distributed to your account on May 1st.
You can also stake your CNB-tokens on the Coinsbit dashboard (0.15% per day).


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The thing is that I have not taken any project known as token ever serious because there are very short supplies of tokens that are actually succeeding and so I think this one will also not be quite different from those ones.


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The OP mentioned that the distribution of Token was in May 1st. Almost three months have passed, did anyone benefit from this free distribution of tokens/ What is the value of tokens now?