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Which one you want to play by crypto


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Mar 24, 2020
We know about the cryptocurrency as a digital money and it can be transactiom for any purchase or do inestment.
Now which one are suited for you to use this crypto.
Do you use it for a gamble to playing dice or rolls.
Do you use it for trading or arbitrage.
I mostly use crypto to purchase stuff online, but I also use some to trade.
My usage for crypto is converting it into BTC and then buying the items online using the BTC. This is something I wish to do long term. And I'd say that this is much better approach as far as the earning from crypto and making money off it is concerned. In near future crypto would also be one way to do international transfers.
gamble is fun :D but it can becom addictive, so I advise you not to do it with something that you are not ready to lose.
Im using cryptocurrencies for trading and also to receive my payments from forums and other
microjobs platforms like picoworkers and similar websites also im collecting crypto from faucets
I use it for both gambling and trading. I gamble for fun sometimes just small amounts trying to win big and I'm trading to make profit
I mainly use my cryptocurrency to trade and also to mostly using it as a method of receiving payment from my online jobs because PayPal account is restricted in my country. I even love cryptocurrency better than PayPal as a means of receiving my online payments.
this all depends on the individual perspective and what he or she is using his cryptocurrency for most people use their cryptocurrency as business transaction while others use it as an exchange other has may also use it as gambling and betting.
I use crupto currency as digital asset. I hold crypto currencies on my wallte for a long term. Once I believe I have had enough profits or if I need money immediately, I might sell my assets.
I use crypto for everything ranging from gambling to using it for phone recharges. I also use crypto to send gifts for my dearest people. Crypto trading is off course my favorite way to make some gains occassionally.
I use my cryptocurrency for both trading or even my online transaction because bitcoin is my favorite transaction for online payment to get my money.
I use crypto currency for many things. I use it for carrying out many transactions, to withdraw my earnings from many websites. I trade with it from one coin to another on binance exchange. I also use it as long term investment sometimes
I have tried my cryptocurrency on a gambling platform before now. But it didn't end up well for me back then. I mainly and have continuously used my cryptocurrency for trading and conducting other types of transactions as well till date
I've used my hard earned crypto to play worthless HI_LO gambling method via PTC and faucet sites that never benefited me before, lost large portion of it.
I use my cryptocurrency for earning passive income by staking them in cryptocurrency staking apps and also in providing liquidity for Decentralized exchanges
I don't used my crypto currency do gambling but i used it to purchased things online but most important i do trade with my crypto currency.
Currently crypto is a from of investment for me and a method of payment for me. Bizdustry pays with crypto so I usually convert most to flat currency.
I use crypto currency exchange Business for trading. In most cases I buy solid coin and leave the coin in my portfolio for a long period of time to make my money with profit. So that Is what I do
I have never use cryptocurrency as a means of gambling before and I just use it instead as a way of trying to see if I can make money from it and to receive payment from my work online.

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