VIP Standard Membership Auction - Ends on 7 August, 2022

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VIP Standard Membership Auction
Auction Closes on 7 August, 2022 at 8 PM (20:00) BST (+1 Time Zone, during Summer)

In this auction, you are bidding on a 1 month Bizdustry VIP Standard Membership. Please review the guidelines prior to bidding.

Forum Sponsorship benefits:
  • Your username color will appear in Yellow, recognizing you as a proud supporter of Bizdustry.
  • Access to a VIP Forum.
  • Ability to Change your Username.
  • An Increase of available options to earn from posting, to 60 replies and 10 topics per 24 Hours.
  • No Advertising or Ad Messages.
  • Priority Support
  • 1 Stickied Thread (Sponsor Ads) for 1 Month.
  • Ability to Withdraw Earnings
Please note that sponsors are subject to the same forum rules as all other members. We are under no obligation to refund a sponsor in the event that their account is banned from Bizdustry for any reason.

Bidding Guidelines and Rules:
  • Minimum Bidding Rule and Increased Bidding Guideline: Bidding Increments - You must bid at least Fifty (50) BizNotes higher than the previous bidder. You can bid any amount you want, above that amount, at your pleasure.
  • Rule: Cash on Hand - You must have the amount of BizNotes on your account you are bidding. If you make a bid and do not have that amount already, your bid will be ignored or deleted.
  • End of Auction - Only bids before closing time will count. The highest bidder with a valid bid will be considered winner.
  • Starting Bid - The Starting Bid must be Two Hundred Fifty (250) BizNotes.

Bidding Form:
[b]Bid:[/b] Amount
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Remember, the starting bid for this Auction is 250 Biznotes, and further bids must be a minimum of 50 biz notes increase than the previous bidder. We are going to extend this auction until the 7th August 2022.