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Pi is the first cryptocurrency that can be mined on the phone. That I think will be a good thing, as it was with Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency to appear.
Currently there are 35,000 users, until it reaches 100,000, then it will be the first halving, the mining rate is about 1.6 π / h, between 100k and 1M will be reduced to 0.8 π / h, between 1M and 10M will be 0 , 4 π / h.
- The power with which I mine is 0.78 π / h and because I was brought by someone I still receive 0.20 π / h, in total I have 0.98 π / h.
- A mining session lasts 24 hours, which means you have to enter once a day to keep mining active.
- In the application you will also find a chat where you can chat with other members.
- Currently PI has no value because it has not been listed on the market yet.

I will come back with other information along the way.

To download the application on your phone, go to https://minepi.com/. You can log in with your facebook account or phone number.
I am also using it, I made almost 15000 pi coins, most probably in the beginning of 2021 they will join the market with the coin.
I don't think it's a good idea to use phone for mining that will make it more heavy however are u getting
any good income from phone mining ? and how much equal this pi coins in BTC or USD ?
Does anyone know if pi currency has been launched on any exchange yet? I know their earning app has been online for quite a couple of months now
The pi coin is one coin that I have invested my time on for a long time now. At the early stage of it's introduction, alot of people were so much interested in the coin because they feel it's a good coin but now there are a lot of frustrations surrounding the coin because the company has failed to list the coin on cryptocurrency exchange platform.
The cryptocurrency has started gaining popularity and so many people start believing in the projects now. A lot of people are buying the cryptocurrency at a good price meaning that it is a profitable ventures to those who were mining it