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May 23, 2020
These days a lot of talk has been done for the dogecoin due to the price increase. But the people are not realizing that there are many other coins that can be as strong as you can imagine. And even better part is that Litecoin is one such coin which hass been going strong for nearly 5 or more years. And that means you can find a good performance with the Litecoin soon enough.

Do you think Litecoin would be a good coin where we can store before converting to BTC?
Yes, I have been working with the Platform Litecoinads for several months and it was a good investment on longterm, you can look for it.
I think right now DOGE is cheaper then LTC price it's about 19 sat only but LTC also still on of the top coins and
it's also profitable for a long term investment
Litecoin 8a definitely one of the best coins available after bitcoin. I don't think it's in top 5 but it's surely in top 10 cryptocurrencies (i don't mean on coinmarketcap but in general)
I think i mainly use litecoin to bypass transaction fees ,even if they are smaller coin available for use i just love using the coin , i don't know why
There are a lot of crypto currencies and litecoin is one them that looks promising and have been on the rise for a while now. Thus, it's a currency that will do well if traded.
of course, Litecoin is one of the famous crypto, I have 1 Ltc into my wallet and wait for some years, maybe I will be a millionaire with it xD :ROFLMAO:
Litecoin is doing great at the moment, it is moving up the pecking other as one of the most valuable Crypto currency, the increase in value has been consistent for the past years, hopefully it will get to rival the likes of bitcoin and ethereum someday
LiteCoin It will prove to be a good currency in the future as its value is also increasing day by day and it can be easily invested in Bitcoin.Instead of keeping currency in dollars, you should invest in this currency in order to make maximum profit.In the last few days, people have made a lot of money by transferring to Bitcoin
Litecoin is actually a stable coin and I wouldn't mind investing in it for the long term. Also having a great future prospect with increased usage. Personally, it's just behind Bitcoin and Etherum and I can't wait for it to keep going up.
You are right, not only litecoin or doge, there have been others like the chainlink, oz and many others, people should learn to divert investment in crypto from bitcoin to other great performing cryptos, the neo, unus and dai are also performing great in the exchanges, learning of crypto advancement is very important to crypto lovers.
Litecoin is one currency with so much potential of hitting it big in the Cryptocurrency market, it's currently among the top 5 cryptocurrency in the market so the coin has alot of potential, and the fact that it's has been increasing steadily for the past 5years is an indication of its huge potential.
Without any overstatement, I can say litecoin is among the best cryptocorrency to invest to, because it's increasing in every day by day and this is right time to invest on it and keep the money there till next one to two year, I'm very sure that by the you will gain a doubles profits.
It's one of the crypto currencies I've been eyeing for a while. It's been doing great and definitely one of the coins that I like to invest in. It has a lot of potential, for sure its value will increase even more.
Never realised and see the potential of Litecoin and before i know it, it's already rising along with Bitcoin these fast few weeks..my question is. Is it too late to invest in Litecoin now? Im really interested in the coin after i've seen it triple it's previous price last year.
If there is any altcoin i will invest in soon , I will definitely invest in Litecoin because it has shown strong potential for rise. It had a bullish run from initial price value of $56 to $170 ,before it reduced to $140 now .
Litecoin is quite in Bitcoin network and rises along side with it .
The hype over dodgecoin is because elon musk is one of the pioneers of the coin but I think litecoin has a very good potential of being one of the best cryptocurrency in the market. It could grow like bitcoin and ethereum in the coming years
Sure litecoin has proven to be a very good cryptocurrency worthy of investment. Analysis shows that litecoin experienced one of its highest percentage increase in the late December same time as bitcoin. Also its price dropped same time as bitcoin I still don’t know why yet but I’m trying tomfigure it out
Am not into litecoin and i have completely no experience in it but with what I've read here about it i sure will invest in it cause ethereum was once like this and i generally don't want to invest in a single currency

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