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ICO - IEO - What is the Difference?

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Feb 29, 2020
Many of the people that join Bizdustry will be new to crypto.
They may see posts, even categories, about ICO's and IEO's, but they may not have any idea what this means.
The definitions first:
ICO stands for initial coin offering.
IEO stands for initial exchange offering.
ICO's became famously hyped in 2017/18, to the point where they were seen as a scam. The process and concept is excellent, but people get greedy, and where there is hype in finance, there are vultures looking to take advantage of people. The SEC got involved in warning people of bogus ICO's and essentially made people overly concerned about every new project.
IEO's have tended to rise as a result of the negative image brought to ICO's. Now, coins are being listed as their initial presentation on Exchanges, giving platform confidence and programs centered around longer term trading value. The popularity of IEO's will play out over 2020.
There will certainly be new trends every month in crypto. so keep your eyes opened and ask questions when you don't know the answer to something.
I hope people find this useful.
Not open for further replies.