ICO and Crypto Spam


Every day someone comes out with new coin concept. And they have their own ICO through which they wish to make money. A lot of those coins are spam and also being told about "equality, and empowerment". And in reality the people just want to take our money and run. And get us excited on new coin opportunity. And a lot of people, business around the world lost their money on this.

What do you think of the ICO and the Crypto spam in the industry?


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I stopped following ICOs a long time ago because more than 90% of projects were just scams created for profit. When you say the word ICO these days most people think about the word scam.


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yes true , mostly of the ICO's currently scam but that doesnt mean all of them , as example Yusra global is one the realable coming tokens , the different between Yusra token and the others is that yusra is focusing on becoming an effective and liquid digital asset and an asset for investments and high income, the coin have many advantegous and they focus on security , privacy and transaction speed .
visite their site for more information : https://yusra.global/en/


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This is the reason why I don't take most of these ICOs and new cryptocurrencies serious, the majority of most of them are scam at best because they are just so many in the market causing several confusions and chaos for people who will most times be thinking which of this cryptocurrency should they invest in because there are thousands of new cryptocurrencies everyday. so we have to be careful of where we throw our money into.


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ICO is a way to gain investors for a new crypto currency project, sadly, a lot of ICO are fake, they only try to raise money and then just disappear. This has happened numerous times.
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