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ExpressCrypto is a micro-encrypted wallet created by ExpressGroup, designed for the first payments from the pits.
It's a changer for FaucetHub.
ExpressCrypto pays cryptocurrency (over 21 validity accepted) with withdrawal methods.
The site suggests several profit generation models:
Water tap
Give away
Cryptocurrencies Exchange is taken care of instantly.
The minimum amounts for the Withdrawal are very small, for example for BTC it is 15,000 satoshi.
I have a pretty large list of paid care sites through ExpressCrypto.

Expresscrypto is one of the microwallets that i did use it's a nice option to collect free BTC from faucets but my best
option still faucetpay because the withdraw is too fast there
Could you tell me what fees do they have for withdrawals? Since the minimum bitcoin withdrawal is 15.000 satoshis but the current fees are like 50.000 satoshis
Whats up now? Any news on expresscrypto microwallet? I heard from other forum it is not paying , is it still a right option to chose when you have faucetpay , a promising micro wallet?
The only micro-encrypted wallet I have used is faucetpay. There is a risk in using micro wallets as faucet pay was once hacked (that was before I started using). I don't know ExpressCrypto and I am not using any programs that use ExpressCrypto to send payment.
I this platform isn't genuine. I sae the post on another forum and I decide to check there credibility on another PLATFORM like trust pilot. The review there is not good for a platform

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