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Nov 28, 2019
I remember there was a lot of hype around the EOS. And a lot of people managed to get into the EOS. I think some of the time EOS is definitely in a boom. But I was not sure when is the right time for the investment. So I was always curious about the crypto. I wish to invest into it in near future.

Have you tried investing into the EOS crypto currency?
EOS is one of the best crypto coins im not sure if this is the best time to invest on it because i didn't check the chart in coinmarketcap
however it still a good option for invest
This EOS is quite a new cryptocurrency to me because I am just hearing about it for the first time right now and we can't really speculate if this cryptocurrency project can succeed because there are thousands of new cryptocurrencies that are coming into the market.
I have seen EOS crypto currency listed on a lot of crypto currency exchange sites, however, I am yet to take any interest in EOS crypto currency. Call me an old school person, I am only investing on top performing crypto currencies.
This thread is old and i do not think that EOS is a coin to go with now. There are several coins with promising signs now. One of them is cardano ADA, the project looks very promising and it has a wonderful future. Investing in such cryptocurrency is not a mistake