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I present a new crypto investment site - Cryptozilla.world. At registration you receive 500 free CZ tokens ($ 10).
Hurry up, you have 5 more days to register and receive the 500 CZ free.
I do not know much about this site, but a few times it happened that the site was inoperable for 1-3 hours and each time the Administrator apologized and offered for several days 15 CZ / day.
These days (on the other hand), the site was nonfunctional from 1: 00-3: 00 at night, as expected, the Admin has apologized and offers until 13.04.20020 15 CZ / day .
All you have to do is change these 500 CZ chips into USD, then opt for an available investment plan, plan 1 ($ 10).
I invested the $ 10 and so far I managed to accumulate $ 2.85, money, investment results and I still have $ 0.90 (45CZ) +75 CZ ($ 1.50); The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 5; I'll have less and I'll see if the site pays or not.

Not open for further replies.