CRIPTOUNIVERSE.IO - is a REAL CLOUD MINERS company on the market in spring 2018 with headquarters in TALLIN, ESTONIA so that all processes are managed in accordance with all legal and financial standards of the European Union. An additional office is located in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. In Russia there are two data centers (Leningrad and Irkutsk regions) along with technical partners and 7 offices in the major cities of Russia: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Irkutsk, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, the mining firm of the company located in LENINGRAD region, SANKT PETERSBURG, in the town of KIRISHI with a capacity of 12000 ASIC MINERS, consumption of 20 MV, the equipments used in mining are the following ASIC MINES from BITMAIN, EBANG, CANAAN and INNOSILICON.
CRIPTOUNIVERSE offers for CLOUD MINING 2 types of contracts, those with a duration of 1 year and those until 1.01.2025, you can mine BTC and LTC for both types of contract.





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This platform looks like a normal high yielding investment platforms which are mostly scamming people of their hard earned resources. I will never consider investing in a platform such as this as I can smell fraud from a mile away.