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Airdrop free 3.5$ to everyone without referrals.


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Dec 11, 2022
EtherMail airdrop.
A very simple airdrop, I think not even an airdrop, but a distribution of tokens.
Airdrop will be distributed on December 7th, 2022
I did not find information about the end of the promotion, apparently there is a certain pool that is designed for this promotion.
I advise you to hurry, I myself managed to get about 150$ on this promotion.

How to earn more than 3.5$?
  1. You need an account of any of the crypto wallets with a balance of more than 0.02Eth.
  2. You need vpn, I worked with both proxy and vpn, everything works (vpn choose yourself, I won’t advise anything here)
  3. We go to the site and simply connect the wallet, then 250EMC will come to our account, which can be immediately withdrawn to your wallet that you linked.
  4. The most important thing. We turn on vpn / proxy, go to the site and enter from another wallet, the main thing is that there should be more than 0.02Eth, otherwise it will not allow you to confirm the account on the wallet.
  5. We confirm and withdraw.
  6. Repeat until you run out of coins)
Thanx for reading)