VIP Upgrades for BizNotes via the Bizdustry Shop

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Do you want to upgrade to VIP, but don't currently have the funds in your paypal or bank account to pay for the upgrade? Perhaps you are confused between the one time purchase and subscription options available in the account upgrades page?

If for any reason you can't upgrade by paying cash, consider this option.

In the navigation bar at the top of the page, there is a link you can click up there, to get our upgrades via BizNotes. The item you need to click on? It is named, "Shop". This option, leads straight to our account upgrades and additional features page, that you can spend BizNotes on to get. This is various account upgrades and features that you can spend BizNotes for.

For the Standard VIP option, the item purchase page is:
For the Premium Individual VIP that costs more for more features:

Prices are normally as follows, but are currently discounted by 50%.

Standard VIP: 20,000 BizNotes
Premium Individual VIP: 60,000 BizNotes
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