Who likes public housing?


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It's called the hood and often looked down on. However, in some areas they are truly safe and they aren't dumpy places to live. In fact, they are way cleaner than a lot of motels.


I have been living in the ghetto in Denmark, and nice and also weird experiences but again it is about your perception about the subject, everything is objective not subjective.


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Public housing ... it's someting no body likes ... because it limits the privacy . But sometimes when i go to work far from home i do it with my work mates because it's not expensive


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As long as you have security and tranquility, you can live anywhere, although there are times as mikenova22 says, that there is no choice.

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In my country where I come from public house as a low standard or as ghetto life style, but some of they are really nice looking, safe, lively, conductive and some times neat