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Who likes MyBB?


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Valued Contributor
Sep 29, 2019
Honestly, aside from its lack of mobile compatibility out of the box, I find it more to my liking than other free software. However, it's just a subjective thing. Anyway, I wish they could make it more mobile friendly - as phpBB has done.

O.K., as far as functionality is concerned, I can't see it differently than other software, but it's just something about the emojis I like.
I love MyBB. If I wasn't in love with XenForo right now, I would be using MyBB for my forum. It has a great selection of themes and plugins, it's very easy to use, and the backend is very easy to navigate. Plus, with it being such a popular option, there is a lot of help available if you ever have an issue.
I started out on MyBB with my first forum. I migrated away from it when I was introduced to Xenforo and have not looked back. I have been with them for close to 10 years now and I haven't found anything I like more.
MyBB comes highly recommended by me for small forum owners. The database isn't fully normalized and the creators seem antagonistic to the demands of huge forums in general but it's by far the best-coded of the full-featured forums now available.
MyBB is a good place to start for 1st-time bloggers and forum creators. It's very easy to set up and run. It provides tons of templates and add-ons to choose from. You can easily follow tutorials on YouTube and forums to start your website. Many popular sites are still using MyBB.
I have a forum built on MyBB. I like this open source forum platform. It is easy to use and also has a very clean interface. As far as mobile friendliness is concerned, I agree that it is not as good as phpBB, but phpBB can be little complicated for a beginner