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Where do you prefer to watch movies?


There are a lot of ways to watch movies nowadays - on your smartphone, TV, computer, in the theater and much more. Which ways do you prefer to watch your favourite films and serials?

Personally, I prefer to watch most of the movies on my computer. I can choose myself which film to play.
That's a really interesting question! Honestly, it's so convenient to watch movies on streaming sites nowadays. Almost every movie ever made is available just a few clicks away. Even so, I am still of the opinion that going to a theater offers a much more memorable experience. Not only the screen is bigger, the sound is better and the mood is the best for watching a movie, but having friends whom can join you makes it so fun! I always make a point of discussing the movie with my friends after it ends and sharing ideas and opinions. Also popcorn is delicious! :D
Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I love taking my girlfriend to a traditional movie theater and watching the latest big release together. It's a little on the expensive side, but I love getting a big bucket of unhealthy popcorn and a huge fountain drink. It probably ends up becoming like $50 for the both of us, but it's all about the experience.
My girlfriend and I don't really watch movies anymore. We're way too into our television shows at the moment.
But on the off chance that we end up watching a movie we like to watch it on our television in our bedroom.
If we're sick of staying home we'll go to the movies. Those are really the only ways we watch movies.
If I had the time and money I would definitely choose going to movies though. I love the experience.
I rarely go to theater due to lack of time, so TV is my only refuge when it comes to watching movies. I agree with everyone above that theater is the best option because of the memories and experience, plus the big bucket of popcorn of course.
If i have time i love to see movies with friends ... scary / action / adventures all types ... in the cinema or at home ... but remantic movies i love to watch them with my girlfriend at the cinema ... but there's no problemes to watch at home with her after a nice dinner ... sometimes my mates brought their girlfriends and we have a movie night ... we spent amazing time
In bed, relaxing, chilling with my girlfriend!
Funny enough , my phone is the best way to watch movie for me , especially with the aid of my earphone
Personally I enjoyed doing that with My smartphone; as it's very easy to carry to wherever I am going and I can stop and restart watching anytime I feel like.
With my phone whenever I'm not doing any online work, then I can decide to glance at movie, but I can't still finish it. Cos I got no time to wait for it to finish. I got stuffs to attend to.
I prefer watching movies with my Netflix app on my Android phone because it quite clear for me to watch movies that way I need also quite convenient for me because I don't have to go anywhere to watch my movies.
I prefer to watch movie at my convenience and at the space of my home but most people prefer to go to the cinema to see movies and also go to friends place to see a movie. The see as more entertaining to see movies with friends so that they can have discussions and chat about the movie.
As for me I prefer watching movie on my phone I don't really like watching movie on the TV or on my laptop because I don't really concentrate on the movie on like when I'm watching it on my phone
I prefer to watch movies where no light is coming in that is i prefer stack darkness so as the light coming in not be reflecting on the screen thereby making the film less enjoyable for me

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