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Where can I exchange DOGE for BIT?

I'd recommend using an exchange service such as Coinbase or Binance. However, these often require you to verify some personal details so if you don't want that, you can try Changelly or ChangeNOW. The problem with these is that they might have higher fees, a minimum deposit limit, and don't support less popular coins.

If you don't like any of the options, let me know and I can do the exchange for you.
I think shapeshift is one website that allows you to do pretty much everything for most of the popular coins. Though dogecoin is getting some traction. I'd rather invest into better coin like say even the ETHER. So if you want try oout bittrex, shapeshift and also blocktrades if you want. I have used them and experience is so far not so bad.
Just send it to an exchange like binance and sell it there but if you have a low DOGE balance it will be hard to withdraw your bitcoin
after you sell DOGE because the min withdraw fees for BTC are 5$
Binance definitely has this trading pair so you should register an account there and try to exchange your doge coins for whicher coin you want
The binance exchange platform would be the perfect platform to which you can exchange your Dogecoin for Bitcoin at any point in time. I would advise you to make use of this platform to exchange your Dogecoin for Bitcoin.
There are crypto currency exchanges that does that like binance and coinbase too, but I think more people make use binance as the exchange for this kind of proceedings so you could definitely try it out over there too
The best cryptocurrency currency exchanger I can recommend for you is binance and you can also try trust wallet. These two companies are my best bet in cryptocurrency market. I've been working with binanac and carried out different transactions on it without any issue.
Do you mean to say BTC (bitcoin)? I don't know any coin that uses the term BIT to denote itself. If you mean Bitcoin, you can exchange your doge to bitcoin through binance.
Hello friends, a question? Where can I exchange DOGE for BIT at a good price? I currently have a few DOGE if you could help me .. thanks
Bit? What is bit. If Bit is also a coin then you should be able to exchange that in exchangers like binance. If doge and but aren't paired together then you convert to usdt or any sale coin before converting to bit and vice versa.
It is a very easy thing to do. You can achieve that on binance by converting your dogecoin to bnb on binance then swap it for bitcoin. You might be charged little conversion fee.
I don't thik I have heard of BIT but I believe it is on Binance platform. BIT and Doge pair might not be availale but you can first convert to BUSD or BTC and than convert to the coin of your choice.
You can easily do that using the wallet exchanges like Binance, coinbase, Huobi, and many others. On Binance, you must have 10$ equivalent of Doge to be able to exchange it successfully.
Binance is the only platform you can use to to exchange any of your cryptocurrency to your favourite, you will have to start by converting your dogecoin to usdt from there you can buy any cryptocurrency of your choice with the usdt.
Exchanging cryptocurrencies is not very easy and most of the exchange platforms do not offer such services. One of the best platform to do cryptocurrency exchange is binance.