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When to open LLC for your Business?

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Nov 28, 2019
I think a lot of us are kind of more or less solo business owners. And we don't know what structure may benefit for our business. I am wondering what are some of the LLC business that can be done and what are some business that does not require any form of the registration as of yet.

When do you think is the right time to register the business?
It is always advisable to register your business as soon s you start operating it. An advantage is that registration of your company helps you to access loans from banks and even from the government. Because they no longer see you as an individual but a corporate body. So, they would be comfortable to do business with you all things being equal.
The right time to register a limited liability company is when the business has grown and you want to explore the option of equity investment where you have to give out stakes of your business in shares in exchange for much investment. This process of registering the business has to do with going to the government agency in charge of companies registration to do the paperwork.
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