What Mobile phone you have?

Lord Saru

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I have an OPPO F9 PRO.

Its the most amazing phone that I had used till now. I have used almost all the top end variants of Samsung and Xiaomi but I was never satisfied.

Now, 6 months into OPPO, so far no issues and no complaints. I am very much satisfied and will recommend it to everyone..


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I have an iPhone 11. I only recently upgraded my previous phone, iPhone 7 Plus, to my new iPhone 11, as my screen was cracked and many features no longer worked. So far, my iPhone 11 is treating me great. Long may it continue! :LOL:


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I have a Google Pixel 3A and it's good enough for my needs. I used to have a Samsung S3 and the battery would be dead by noon which is the reason I needed to get a new phone. I try not to have too many apps running on the phone and mainly use it for texting.


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Nothing too special didn't have to pay that much for it and it does the job as a phone and basic apps on the phone. Even that it's dying. It's windows phone and god help me :p It's a 640 from Microsoft.


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I have samsung duos ... it's one of the worst smartphones i ever seen ... it turns off without any reason ... heavy ... it made me angry all the time ... next time i'll buy LG or IPHONE so i will not have a haed time like i do now ... Samsung phones getting worst every season ... take it from me buy another phone ...


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I use a Huawei right now. I think they manufacture some great phones at decent prices. The only disadvantage is they don't use Google services anymore

Anis Boukezzoula

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I have Samsung A31, it's a really amazing phone and one of the best ones that I have bought in my life.
I love all the products of Samsung (you feel comfort when you buy an item from this company^^)


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I am actually using an umidigi a9 pro smartphone. This phone is a beast and I would recommend this phone to anyone that want to buy a phone that will do everything that they ever hope to do on a smartphone.


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Nothing much really, just an infinix hot 8. It's been doing well so far serving my needs but I hope I upgrade soon, there are better phones out there that would be better suited no doubt


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Right now, I own a Techno Spark 2 smartphone. I love it so much. I have been using it for almost two years now and it is still okay. I wonder when it is going to get lost or go bad then I am forced to buy another one. But I hope that won't happen soon for I still like this one.


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My phone is techno droid pad. This gadget is a powerful machine, very strong, durable and efficient. I've been using this device for over 3yrs and everything is still intact, even the battery life is still the top notch.