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What is your favorite anime genre?


Familiar Face
Jul 23, 2018
For me, it is usually a slice of romance, adventure, sports and comedy. Actually, any would be fine for as long as the story is good.
I can't categorize it as a genre, I like cartoons or any anime movie, I love Ice Age, I have seen all parts until now and I am hoping they will make more of it.
As long its good I think I already watched most of the genre anime. And what I can say its all good. But ofcourse one you start the first episode you have to keep watching it till the end. Because sometimes the real plot of show in the middle of the show or before it end.
I enjoy a rather wide spectrum of anime, I guess, so I have a hard time pinning down one genre over another. I’ve always been a fan of action and superhero stories (I grew up reading comics and watching the X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons), and when I was a teen I got really into horror. And, while I don’t exactly advertise it a lot, I’ve always enjoyed a good romance story provided it’s told well. All of that carries over to what I like from anime, I suppose.
I guess that as long as the anime excites me and is an anime with an action scenes I would like it. I like animes with pirates for example or with demons, basically an anime where a lot of fights are involved and where characters might get killed, or might lose their precious friends and family. I basically like the animes with the chaos and where everything is messed up but then the hero will come up and save the day. My favorite anime is called "One Piece" so if you know this one you are kind of awaring of my favorite genre I suppose.