What is your dream vacation?


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Where would you go? How much would it probably cost? How far away would it be? How would you compare it to other possible vacations?
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My dream vacation to France, or Mexico, all my life I have wanted to go to those two countries, nor the cost, as you say they are "dream vacations", it is difficult for them to come true. but it would be wonderful, and of course, he is in good company.


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I would go to a resort , where I could get pampered. Mauritius , Seychelles, I am not sure about the cost implications. It just seems that it would be a better vacation than visiting our parents out of town.


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I like to visit the USA or Canda the only problem is the VISA permission it's hard to get it because im living
in Algeria however i think most of us now have troubles in traveling because of the corona virus


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My dream vacation is going somewhere tropical, where the weather is not too cold or too hot and maybe also some raining wouldn't hurt. I just want to relax in a quiet place with no distractions around


A lake house in the summer, sand and sun and the noise of birds, while my family enjoys the silence of the change. I actually want to visit my own country first before I start going abroad again.


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My dream vacation is included with a few countries: Poland, Cyprus, Greece and Spain.
I have some polish origins so I would like to visit there and meet a plenty of people, I cherrish and appreciate the poles and their culture.
Spain is another interesting country to visit, their language is wonderful and the people are cheerful. And in Cyprus and greece there are the charming greeks, and I really like and get along with greeks, they are very friendly and generous, It would be really nice to visit in such countries on a vacation.