What is BizNotes?

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We are proud to have revamped our forum currency after some time of it being ceased. Our team would like to reward members for their continued support and loyalty by allowing members to cash out.

Members can earn BizNotes Points by:

1- Upon registration => 50 $BN
2- Posting new thread => 70 $BN
3- Post a reply => 50 $BN

Our Terms & Conditions, Information & Guidelines and Terms of Use:
  1. Members must not create fake profiles on Bizdustry in an attempt to defraud us.
  2. Posts must not be considered spam, gibberish, or violate our Site-Wide Rules.
  3. We reserve the right to adjust your point balance at any given time, for any given reason.
  4. Users must refrain from using any type of exploits, bugs, or glitches to their advantage. We ask that you private message @Alexander if this happens so the issue can be rectified.
  5. We reserve the right to remove the monetary system, at any given time however we will always give our members 14 days notice prior to the removal of the platform​
  6. All points earned have been restored. If you believe you’re missing any balance, please send proof to @Alexander
  7. Users may earn a maximum of 2 topics and 3 posts per hour unless they buy the VIP Membership.​
Please view FAQ for more
We would like to thank you for being on our Journey every step of the away, to become one of the most successful business forums on the internet.

If you have any questions, feedback or queries, then please private message me

Kind regards,
Bizdustry Management Team
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