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What do you do if a site indexes in Google but not Bing and other search engines?


Madly Diligent
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Oct 27, 2020
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When it comes to indexing your site, do you have any problems with other search engines? Maybe Google is working fine, do you ever have problems with Bing and other search engines even though you ranked in Google? What do you do if those other search engines don't index your site at all?
If my site is performing well on Google then it is not a problem for me, as Google has much visitors on there forum that would give me what I am looking for, so I do not have to worry about other search engines.
Google is the main search engine. Others are back up. From what I observed after a thorough investigation, most people use google to search for anything. And going by the above, once my website has been indexed by google, there's nothing else to worry about.
If you have not blocked your links, all of your websites will be indexed by all search engines. However, sometimes it takes a long time. You can speed up the process by pinging your links.
what does it mean by pinging your link, is it a faster way of getting your site index by multiple search engines when you publish your site?, please i would really like to know.

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